A Mexican blog posted a picture of a med resident asleep at work to attack her. Unexpectedly, the post attracted doctors around the world to post pictures of them sleeping at work to tell us a message


In Monterrey, Mexico, a medical resident was caught sleeping on her desk while still in her shift and this has made a Mexican blogger posted her pictures sleeping online and criticised her for her lack of work ethic. Her pictures have now gone viral on the internet and this has made doctors around the world joined forces to post their pictures where they sleep at work online.

After the incident, doctors around the world started to post pictures of them sleeping on their desk during their shift in defend of the medical resident.

A blogger snapped the below photos of a sleeping resident in Mexico at 3 a.m. The writer criticized the young resident, saying that “Doctors are obliged to do their work”!!!


Soon, hundreds of other doctors began defending the resident…

Doctors are known to have long-working hours with extremely demanding and exhausting shifts. Kudos to all doctors for working hard and sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the society.

The pictures of them sleeping went viral under the hashtag #YoTambienMiDormi, Spanish for ‘I’ve also fallen asleep’.

Image credits: Equador TV

Some doctors work 36-hour shifts or 80-hour work weeks!

Image credits: Paola Ferez

Exhausted doctor posted his picture sleeping on his desk.

Image credits: Caro Leyva

A resident doctor found herself in a deep sleep after a tiring shift

Image credits: Melita Way

“We are people. Not machines”

Image credits: Janna Henriquez

“36 hours working nonstop is impossible without 10 minutes of rest,” wrote Paolo Perez, a surgeon in Ecuador.

Image credits: Paola Ferez

After a 24-hour of non-stop gruelling shift 

Image credits: Ernesto Franjul

Imagine how tired this doctor must be after a busy shift

Image credits: Euge Traverso Vior

Not all superheroes wear capes. Sometimes, they wear stethoscopes.  

Only Those Who Are Doctors Understand This
Image credits: Yveth Palomino

“I’ve also fallen asleep as a junior doctor without harming a single patient. Try working an 80-hour shift without a break.” said @ShafiAhmed5

Image credits: Sebastian Alzate

“#IAlsoFellAsleep 36-hour shifts, preparing for exams, no time to eat.”

Tired After 36 Hours Of No Sleep
Image credit: KG

Not just in Mexico, here is a picture of doctor using spare time she has to catch a short nap.

Same In France !
Image credits: Celine Threron Aboud

The images of tired and exhausted doctors is a real eye-opening that they are humans who have physiological needs as everybody else. It is shameful for doctors who dedicate their life to help us to be healthier do not have time to get enough sleep for themselves. Let’s spread the positive vibe and remind ourselves to appreciate and be more thoughtful to these superheroes who have make our lives better.


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