Everyone was curious with this creative mother who painted her ceiling fan blades black. When they saw the finished product, they were awestruck. She’s a genius!


During the summer days a ceiling fan has become a necessity to all families but it is just too bland-looking so a mom from United States decided to put on her thinking cap and modify the fan as a present to her son.

The plain white fan blades before they were transformed 

First, spray-paint the fins of the fan black

When the black paint has dried, spray on colors purple and blue

When they have dried, prepare to spray on the stars with the aid of a templates

This is the end result of the stars

Everything is ready and in order

All the other parts needs to be spray-painted as well

The initial installing of the fan will look like this

The fan’s light also needs some modification and the interior of the lamp is spray-painted to look like this

The finished product looks like this and it is really beautiful. In the night sky is the Milky Way and her child loves it so much!

Her husband and children were very excited with this present and her creativity is simply stunning.

What do you think of this creative idea of turning a plain-looking fan into a stunning fan?


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