“Not studying hard and fail your studies, you will end up working as a flight attendant”. A reply from this air stewardess kept this mother ‘mum’


Mother told her daughter to study hard because if not, she would end up like this air stewardess here serving others. (Illustration purpose)

A Taiwanese netizen whom took an early flight came across an awkward situation where a mother was telling her daughter to study hard. Otherwise, she would be like the air stewardess, serving other people. While she was telling this to her daughter, an air stewardess overheard her and leaves the mother mum with her gentle and polite reply.

This netizen wrote in a group on social media stating she was taking a return flight back home when she met with an ‘unusual incident’.  A mother pointed to the air stewardess and told her daughter whom is probably around 6 or 7 years old: “If you do not study hard, next time you would be like these air stewardesses serving other people.” An air stewardess who heard these words did not get angry at all but she replied in a gentle and polite tone: “That’s right, if you do not study hard, you will not even get a job as an air stewardess.”

This netizen also pointed out an issue that has been ongoing all this time. Why do people consider the service industry a lower-ranking industry? Do you know that it is not an easy task to qualify as an air steward?

The depressing problem is that this mother did not realize that she gave her daughter the wrong information of how the real world functions as. After reading this article, many netizens praised the air stewardess for solving this issue professionally and diligently and at the same time told the mother’s daughter that if she does not study hard, she would be like her mother whom will not be able to pass the air steward qualification test at all.


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