Why do cats like to rest their paws on our hands? These 3 reasons tell us why


Anyone who has a pet at home must have played this old classic game called stack your hands before. It is actually a continuous stacking of hands where you put your hand on your cat’s paw. Your cat will then feel irritated and will retract its paw and put it on your hand to show that it is more superior than you.

You can continue playing this game over and over again until your cat gives a good smacking on your naughty hand. Let’s give it a go!

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No matter what the circumstances are, our pet cat will always want to rest its paw on our hands. However, they don’t like when anyone put their hands on their paws. The game could go on for the whole afternoon. You could play until night with your cat or until it feels irritated and will give you a good scratch!

“No, no, no, darling. My paw will always goes on top!”

Sources: bldaily.com

Do you know why? It wants to feel superior! If you are not familiar with your cat, do not put your hand on its paw or hold it directly as it will make it feel uneasy.

There are actually 3 simple reasons to it!

“Let’s hold hands!”

#1 Defense mechanisms

Paws are a cat’s survival tool so they would not simply allow anyone to touch them and they cherish their paws very much.

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#2 Precaution against first sign of danger

Cats are very agile animals as their explosive reflexes allow them to jump and run immediately. This means their paws need to be free of any objects including your hand in order for them to always be alert and ready. This also give them an advantage over their prey.

Sources: I Iz Cat

#3 Security

Cats prefer to have superiority over all other living beings so by setting its paws on your hand, it will feel secure and confident. Thus, they will not allow anyone to have their hands on their paws.

Cats like to rest their paw on your hand to feel secured

Of course some cats have slower reactions or they must be very close to  their owners thus allowing their owners to put their hands on their paw. Some cats do not mind when you rest your hand on top of their paws but certain cats do.

Does your pet cat allows you to rest your hand on its paw? Hit the like button and share these interesting facts with others to know if their cat are like this too!

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