A simple yet effective method to trap fish and crabs using bamboo tubes!


Cambodia is a country where everyone seems like a master fisherman. The reason is because their country is blessed with an abundant of fish resources and you will be amazed by the methods they come up with to catch fish!

A Cambodian master fisherman comes up with a fantastic idea of trapping fish with a few bamboo tubes and the result is amazing!

▼First he digs a hole beside the pond so that it could become the trap

Then he saws off a long piece of bamboo into 5 pieces, each piece is 60 to 70 centimetres long. He then hollows the inside of the bamboo piece out to turn it into a tube

The bamboo tubes are then laid beside the trap, one end in the pond’s water and the other end facing the inside of the trap. He then uses mud to put it around the bamboo so that it is secured

At both ends of the tube, he sets baits to attract the fish

Lastly, he covers the hole with leaves and the trap is done!

On the second day, the fisherman comes back to check his catch. After removing the leaves, lo and behold! The trap was full of fish and crabs!

The fisherman carefully picks up the crabs and fish and put them into a bucket. Now, all he just needs to do is refill the trap with fresh baits everyday and he will have an easy time catching fish!

Now, let’s learn how to set up this simple trap to catch fish!

Look at his catch of the day! Cambodians sure are have great ideas when it comes to fishing! Don’t you think so?

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Credit: bldaily.com


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