Cow frightened of being slaughtered ‘tears up’—until she sees what awaits her future


As some cattle grow old and lose their strength and agility, as well as their usefulness to humans, they may be either sold or slaughtered. This terrified cow was brought to tears when she thought all was over for her.

Emma is a cow that belonged to a dairy farm that was closing down. She was not relocated to be kept with any of the other cows, and the fate of all the cows seemed sealed. They were facing slaughter, unless they could somehow be rescued.

Emma “knew” in her heart that she would be slaughtered, and this is when tears welled up in her eyes.

Luckily for Emma, she was bought before she was taken to a slaughterhouse. An animal sanctuary called Kuhrettung Sanctuary, in Rhein-Berg, Germany, is a safe haven for animals, where they can live out their final years in a protected and caring environment.

They bought Emma from the dairy farmer and brought her to her new forever home.

The cow did not know what was happening when she was loaded onto a trailer, and this got her so scared that it made her cry. Little did she know that she was rescued and being brought to a new home. Emma was led out of the trailer to the grassland where the other cows were grazing.

It took a while for Emma to get used to the grass under her hooves, as she was used to being locked up in a small space. The lucky bovine relished in her newfound freedom, and began interacting with the other cows.

She was able to relax and breathe a sigh of relief, for she was saved!

For Emma, her fate has changed for the better, if not the best. Here at the sanctuary, she will be able to live freely and safely, and will know what kindness is and what it’s like to be loved and cared for.

Watch the video below!

Credit: Epoch Times


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