After the photo went viral, the manager did amazing thing for this poor hungry father who watched his kids ate


A picture of a poor, selfless dad, Ryan Arebuabo, 38, having a celebration meal with his two daughters, Rose May and Rose Ann in a famous fast-food joint, Jollibee in the Philippines has gone viral when the picture reveals that the poor dad could only afford to buy two sets of meals while he looked at his daughters enjoying the food.

They came to Jollibee to celebrate Rose May’s graduation from kindergarten.

The picture was taken by Jhunnel Sarajan who apparently saw the situation and uploaded the photo on his Facebook account to ask for the public’s generosity to help Ryan’s family

Jhunnel posted their photos and wrote on his status on how the public could send their aid and donation to Ryan

Ryan was partially paralysed and suffered from speech difficulties due to a stroke 4 years ago. His stroke has left him unable to work. Worse, his wife then left him and took their daughters with her.

In order to win his ex-wife’s heart back, he renovated their house and bought a second-hand television. However, he still didn’t manage to convince her to mend their marriage but he did regain his custody over his two daughters

He earns his living through his sari-sari store cart (a convenience store) and receives monthly financial aid from the government about 2200 pesos (approximately around RM190 or USD 42)

The viral story about Ryan and his daughters has caught the attention of the fast food restaurant manager who then decided to give a series of surprises to Ryan and his daughters.

First, they brought Ryan to supermarket and sponsored his groceries

The management staffs from Jollibee took a picture with Ryan after they were done with the grocery shopping

Later, they brought Ryan and his daughters to their restaurant for a birthday celebration for one of his daughters!

Ryan, Rose May and Rose Ann enjoying their time at Jollibee

They even prepared the restaurant’s mascot for her birthday

Magic show by one of Jollibee’s staffs for Ryan and his daughters

Ryan couldn’t held his tears back as he was touched to receive so many helps for and supports from the public and Jollibee

According to Ryan, a father’s responsibilities do not stop at providing meals and clothes for his children. He wanted to fulfil everything that his children want and makes sure that they become successful when they grow up.

He wanted to prove to his ex-wife and those who are sceptical at him that he could be a good father despite his disability and being poor. He is really selfless and an amazing dad! We truly hope that both of his daughters will be successful in the future and for Ryan to recover from the stroke. If you would like to help him, head on to Jhunnel‘s Facebook page for the details and in the meantime, why not spread the love by sharing and ‘LIKE’ this story.


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