“Ma, it’s time to go home!” – Doting Filipino son finally meets mom after she worked for 20 years in Hong Kong as maid and surprises her with a grand holiday tour


Hans Alcanzare, son of Teresita Alcanzare, 61, recently took his mom to a grand holiday tour in 7 Asian countries to express his endless gratitude to his mom who had been away from her family in the Philippines to work as a maid in Hong Kong.

Hans personally picked up his mom from the house she had been working with for the past 20 years on the day of her retirement. Hans was only a 6-year-old boy when Teresa had to leave him for Hong Kong. The photo of mother-son duo at Hong Kong airport instantly became viral as many people found it inspiring and heartwarming. It has been shared 27,000 times and received 135,000 likes so far.

Hans with her mom at Hong Kong International Airport before leaving for the holiday tour around Asia

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

Teresa is a single mother of seven children and she had no other options but to work abroad to earn a living and that includes her leaving her children with her relatives

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

She said that the only thing that keeps her going was to ensure that her children get the best education for them to be successful in their careers.

Hans wanted to thank her for her hard work so he planned a holiday tour for her mom to 7 countries: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Macau.

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

“Hi Ma, it’s time to go home! I still remember when I was still six years old when you left us… to give us a better life.” Hans wrote in his Facebook status. “After 20 years of working hard and sacrifice, it resulted in a dream for us… We are so blessed to have a mum like you who doesn’t give up on us.” he added.

“Before you go home for good, let’s go on an all-expense-paid Asia trip. We love you mum! First stop: Singapore!”

“Mom’s first day in Singapore”

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

Arriving in Indah, Indonesia 

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

“Catching sight of the stunning architecture of Petronas Twin Tower” Hans and Teresa took a picture when they went for a sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

“Happiness is seeing your mother smile,” he wrote. “It has taken 20 years for you to (visit) one of the dream countries you (wanted to take pictures in), but you’re finally here! Just enjoy every moment. Your smile is priceless!” Hans wrote.

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

Thanks to her sacrifice and hard work, now all her children became successful; accountant, teacher, nurse, pharmacist/midwife, civil engineer, master plumber and urban planner.

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words”

Credit: Hans Alcanzare

Her 20 years of hard labour and being separated with her children has now finally paid off. We hope that Hans and his siblings continue to make their mom proud!


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