Little girl sleeps with her kitty since the day they first met and they have been inseparable ever since


Her parents hail the little girl as ‘cat whisperer’ not for nothing

From the first day she met her family’s new kitty, they have been closed to each other and inseparable

Whenever the little girl sleeps, the kitty will lie next to her and sleep too

“The last cat didn’t let me close, but purred when she petted it. I am a bit jealous, but she is what she is – cat whisperer.” said her father

He also adds “This girl LOVES cats and they love her. She is one of those special people that make creatures comfortable no matter the situation”

Struck by the beautiful and heartwarming scene of the girl and the kitty’s close relationship, the parents started to document the precious moments of the girl and the kitty taking naps together with the kitty always curled up beside the little girl

Both of the kitty and the girl have grown so much over the years and so does their close friendship

Her parents said that they will continue capturing this amazing bond for many years to come


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