Obedient baby panda stays put while the cleaning lady finishes her work


China’s national treasure the giant pandas are cute, adorable, naive and knows to grab the attention of many which gathers fans of all ages from all around the globe.

In Sichuan, Wolong the giant panda base, there is one delightful baby panda. It is not like the usual baby pandas which are naughty, playful and are trouble makers.

This cute baby panda is very obedient to his caretaker

These were a few photographs of a baby panda that was place at a corner of it’s pen, where the caretaker told him “Be a good boy and stay here for a while, after finishing my work I will come and cuddle you.” 

▼This baby panda actually held the person’s word and sat there quietly as if it was frozen.

▼Looking at the expression of the baby panda , it was trying to tell the her: “Madam, remember to come and cuddle me when your work is done.”

▼The baby panda kept it’s promise and stayed there frozen at the corner of the pen for long.“Madam, can I move now?”

Surprisingly this precious little panda sat there at the corner waiting patiently, which made it even more famous than before.

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