A city in China finds an incredible solution to generate electricity through damaged banknotes worth 15.3 billion Yuan (USD 2.3 billion)


When China finds out that they have damaged banknotes worth of 15.3 billion Yuan (USD 2.3 billion) and a city in need of electricity, they comes up with a totally unexpected yet efficient solution to both issues. The solution includes them burning the damaged banknotes up to generate electricity.

China is currently replacing the old red 100 Yuan (USD 15) note with a newer design nationwide. The newer note is harder to forge. Other major upgrade is the ‘100’ sign which was in red and blue changed to a golden colour symbol.

This is the old 100 Yuan (USD 15) note that is incinerated to generate power in the city of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

Out with the old. in with the new! This is the new 2015’s 100 Yuan (USD 15) bank note which debuted on November 12

Currently, banks in China are collecting the older version of the 100 Yuan (USD 15) that are circulating in the market. These old notes are destined to be destroyed. But how many of us here actually know how these old notes are destroyed?

A Chinese media firm explained the whole process of the destruction of these money. First they are shredded by the banks and then they are transported to Biomass Power Generation Co. Ltd. in Salt Lake City, Jiangsu Province where this money are converted to electricity by incinerators.

▼Tons of shredded money that are sent to the Biomass Power Generation Co. Ltd. in Yancheng are unloaded and crushed

▼Shredded and compressed money is a good biomass fuel as it has low level of moisture

Furthermore, a lorry with 30 tons of waste paper money could produce 30000 kWh. If a normal household uses 100 kWh of power per month then a lorry of waste paper money could produce enough power to last a household 25 years worth of power.

▼After the old shredded notes are crushed, it is mixed with straw and then it becomes a good burning material

Money that is collected by the banks is sent to Biomass Power Generation Co. Ltd. For every truck load that is transported, there is 30 tons of money worth around 15.3 billion Yuan (USD 2.3 billion). Every month, there wil be 5 truckloads of damaged banknotes being send there to be burnt.

Every year, it is estimated that around 1800 tons of waste money is burnt. During the burning process of these old notes, the company uses various methods to reduce pollution. After the money are burnt, the ashes are carefully collected.  To ensure sustainability and harmless disposal, the ashes are turned into bricks for building material.

After the money is burnt, the ashes are turned to bricks which are used in buildings

China has definitely killed two birds with one stone with this amazing solution! Not only they could provide electricity to a whole city but they also managed to use the waste as bricks. What do you think of China’s efforts in recycling these damaged banknotes?


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