A man asked a boy why he tried to save stranded fish when the boy’s act seemed useless. The reply from this boy shocked this man


A professor told his students a story:

One morning after a stormy night, a man went for a stroll on the beach. As he was strolling, he noticed that there was a shallow pond created in the aftermath of the storm on the beach and the pond seemed to be full with fish.

Even though it was only a few feet away from the vast sea, they were still trapped in the pond. The trapped fish amounted up to thousands of fish.

Soon, when the water started to seep away and the pond slowly drying up, the fish would die in a short time!

However, the man did not find it amusing so he continued to stroll on the beach. He then saw a boy walking very slowly with both of his hands cupped.

The boy cupped his hands to scoop in water and carefully scoop the trapped fish into his cupped hands.

The boy then carefully walked back to the sea and slowly released the fish to the sea

The man stopped and continue to observe the boy and his method of saving the fishes’ lives. Finally the man could not resist and went over to the boy and asked him, “son, there are thousands of fish in this pond and you cannot save them all.”

“I know.” The little boy answered

“Oh? Then why are you still trying to save these fishes back to sea? Who cares about them?”

“This little fish cares!” The little boy answers as he picked up another fish and brought it back to the sea.”This fish cares and this fish cares too! And this, this, this….”

The story ended and the professor concluded that:

“Today is your first day at university. Everyone of you here will learn how to save lives. Although you cannot save the whole world, you can still save a few people’s lives and ease their sufferings.”

“Your existence will make every person that you save lives a better, happier, beautiful and different life after being saved. You will all be able to achieve and succeed in this job”

Here I hope you all study hard, diligently and will not give up when failure arises! Remember: “This fish cares! This fish cares! And this, this, this….”


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