“After all these years…” – Old couple who have been happily married for 80 years finally had a chance to take their first wedding photo. When the old man saw his bride, he couldn’t stop shedding tears


If you meet a husband that always loves you and does not allow you to suffer, then you would most probably have a happy married life just like this old couple who have been married to each other for 80 years!

Song Qinglin and his wife from Anhui Province, China have been happily married for many decades and their love towards each other will make all married couples green with envy

The centenarian Song Qinglin, 103, would hold onto his wife’s hands and goes out with her  for their daily walk. Even though they are very old and could barely walk, they love to make this as their daily routine.

But Song Qinglin has a regret

Both of them got married when Qinglin was at his poorest state. When they first got married, he didn’t have money to have his beautiful wedding photograph taken. Plus, his wedding dinner was just a small feast of 3 vegetable dishes.

Qinglin has been keeping this regret in his heart with him for 80 years. He wanted the best for his beloved wife. In spite of him being very poor, both of them are happily married.

Now, since all their children have grown up, he wants to resolve his regret

After his regret spread out to the local community, a lot of volunteers came to help to fulfil his only wish

When Qinglin saw his wife in a beautiful white wedding gown, he was so touched that he became speechless.

After fighting with tears for a while, he said with a muffled voice, “After all these years…. I owed her a lot…” 

“No matter how many years have passed, no matter how much wrinkles you have on your face, no matter how white your hair might be, I will still hold your hands in mine and continue walking together for the rest of our lives.”

This is real love!


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