Girl finds her fairy tale princess on the streets of Seattle and what happens next is heartwarming


A little girl’s dream came to live when she mistook a new bride for a princess in her beloved book. The toddler and her mother were walking down the streets of Seattle, when the girl spotted the newlywed.

Shandace with her husband Scott were taking their wedding photos when this adorable little girl was walking by.

At that moment the girl had a book in her hand and she thought that the bride is the same princess from the book she is holding in her tiny hands.

The girl believed Shandace was the princess on the cover of her favorite book, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

“The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding)” said Scott

Later the bride noticed the little one and caught each others gaze where they smiled and began interacting.

Much to the toddler’s delight the bride was happy to play along with her story 

The precious little girl even got a flower from the bride’s bouquet

Just look at her precious smile

“Your wife is forever the Princess of Ballard to her,” the little girl’s mom told Scott.

Since this all occurred during their photo shoot, photographer Stephanie managed to snap some amazing photos.

And it made the little girl’s day

Wedding photos are the best memories one can have, but I bet this couple will cherish theirs even more with the appearance of this little girl.


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