This $1.7 million motorhome may look a typical bus but wait until you step inside


Generally, a typical motorhome is just a caravan attached to a motor vehicle which many people may not find it comfortable due to its basic facilities like a small toilet and cramped sleeping area. However, a Germany-based company, Volkner Mobil begs to differ as they have just came out with a superb, upgraded version of motorhome worth $1.7 million and it is unlike anything else you have ever seen before.

The luxury motorhomes company’s latest Performance S is a sleek, mobile 5-star hotel that will turn any vacation into a lifetime memory. Performance S motorhome is a 12-metre vehicle which is fully equipped with a double bed, a furnished kitchen, a large lounge area and a bathroom with a water heater.

Just in case you feel like bringing your Mercedes along with you, you could also fit it inside the built-in garage. The garage is also equipped with a electro-hydraulic lift for a smooth storage and big enough for any luxurious car ranging from a Ferrari to a Porsche.

So, if you feel like travelling on the road this time but does not want to cramp inside a caravan and have a multi-million dollar bank account, you can get Performance S and enjoy your ride.

Volkner Mobil’s Performance S is the most perfect vehicle for your fancy road trip 

It boasts a spacious lounge which is fully furnished with gold leather U-shaped sofa facing a window and a pantry

Forget fordable mattress! This motorhome is equipped with a bedroom and a bathroom next to it 

You will have the best sleep you ever have in this double bed. Plus, it has a convertible top which you can retract if you feel like gazing at the stars at night 

The bathroom is perfect place to have a relaxing shower after a full day of fun. It is equipped with a heater, water heater, a toilet, and a retractable shower head

The driver seat sure has the most fun! It is furnished with a leather seat, carpeted floor and high-end features to ensure your ride smooth and safe

The kitchen is fully equipped with an electric hob, a dishwasher, cutlery, pans, condiments, you name it all

Just opposite the kitchen is a cabinet which stores your tableware

The Performance S from the front. Its garage can be used to store your Ferrari or Lamborghini

Super ready for your road trip with Performance S?

If you want to have a further look at this amazing beast, watch the video below!


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