20+ photos portraying the struggles of a professional wedding photographer, simply to get the perfect shot


Wedding pictures are the best memories to keep in a marriage. Where it has become a norm to take stunning pictures of the bride and groom before the ceremony itself.

Thus, couples will go to any extend to find the perfect photographer to have pictures that they can cherish forever.

Professional photographers utilizes all of their skills to get the perfect image of the newlyweds. So, obviously the work that they do is not cheap.

Now check out these professional photographers, trying to get the perfect picture for their clients. After looking through all of these pictures then you would know why wedding photos are expensive.

▼An accidental slip and there goes the camera

It sure looks dangerous standing on the railing

▼​To achieve the best angle the photographer must bare any condition

▼Even his assistant’s job is tough

▼Photographer are physically and mentally prepared 

▼The ultimate challenge in photography

▼The result of the picture taken, a perfect beautiful photo.

▼Photographer trying to omit the background hustle and bustle by taking a picture from a different angle

▼To fulfill the newlyweds request 

▼So this is how they create rain during their photography session

▼They learnt to climb trees as well

▼This is how they create the foggy (smoky) effect

▼Even the newlyweds need to put in some effort as well

▼The before and after picture is amazing 

▼​This is the way to get the most romantic hand shake taken

▼It scares me to imagine his camera falling!

▼​A slip is all it takes to cause a disaster

▼Can this posture can make the picture look good?

▼I am afraid of the creepy crawlies coming out of the shrubs

▼This is called persistence

If you look carefully at these pictures, professional photographers sure likes to take pictures from strange angles.

Throughout the photography session, the newlyweds will sure doubt if their wedding photos look good. But the after all the editing, I am sure the couples will be astound by the pictures.

Who knew that under such weird circumstances, a professional photographer is able to take such perfect photos!

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