Amateur chefs ask Gordon Ramsay to review their ‘best dishes’ in Twitter, and instantly regret it when they get his reply


Gordon Ramsay, this famous celebrity chef is well-known for his appearance on Masterchef USA series, Hell’s Kitchen and his honest reviews when it comes to food. Forget sugar-coated reviews and smiles, Gordon will make sure you do not forget his words if your dish is not up to his par.

However, despite his perfectionist and strict personality, he still remains as one of people’s favourite chef celebrities as shown by some of his fans asking for his review on their culinary attempt on Twitter.

Scroll down to see Gordon’s brutal and honest thought on their dishes. Do you think you could be the few ones who managed to get his stamp of approval?

#1 When your choice of tableware is as important as your dish

#2 When you really wanted your chicken to be extra…burnt

#3 Awesome! That chicken chow mein sure looks delicious

#4 That man is a keeper!

#5 When your dog agrees with Gordon about how awful your meal looks

#6 When you only get a small lump of cheese on a slice of supposedly ‘cheese pizza’… 

#7 Your hygiene is as crucial as your treats, Floptina!

#8 We’re hoping that she intended to use this cake for a prank 

#9 When the only thing you cook is rice

#10 Opps, we do hope that is meat on the pan, not his dog’s 

#11 When you thought chicken can be cooked like steak 

#12 Tips: Remember your pasta before asking Gordon for a review

#13 That one time when Gordon schools someone on how not to simply call any egg dishes as omelette

Do you think your culinary skills is far better than these brave Twitter users? Why not ask Gordon himself!

Photo credits: @GordonRamsay


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