A crocodile became best friends with a man and stayed at his house for 20 years after he saved it from death


One fisherman in Costa Rica, Chito started his friendship with Pocho, a 5-metre long crocodile 20 years ago after he found the crocodile dying on a river bank with a bad gunshot injury. 

On the fateful day, Chito quickly rescued the crocodile and took him to his house. At his house, Chito nursed the crocodile and looked after him until it regained his health. He even named the crocodile Pocho.

Chito said, “I just wanted him to feel that someone loved him, that not all humans are bad”. “I love all animals, especially ones that have suffered.” he further said.

He never though that his kindness would start a very close friendship between him and Pocho

Credit: animalsaustralia

After Pocho recovered, Chito brought him back to the river where he first rescued him, back to his habitat. However, Pocho came back to Chito’s house the next day! It must had walked all the way to Chito’s house.

So, Chito took Pocho to live with him in his house for the next 20 years. He managed to do so with the help of The Minister of Environment and a vet.

Pocho and Chito grew very close to each other as they played and swam together every day

Credit: Era Baru

Surprisingly, Pocho was a very gentle and adorable crocodile when he was with Chito. He even responded to Chito when Chito called his name

Credit: ourplnt.com

However, Pocho died in 2011 at the age of 50 because of natural causes. Chito was really broken-hearted when his best friend died.

Pocho’s funeral was attended by many of Chito’s friends and family members

Credit: Era Baru

Now, Chito continues to share their story to raise awareness that wild animals are not as threatening as they are always depicted.

Sure, crocodiles aren’t exactly cute and fluffy to be made as domestic pets like cats and dogs. Plus, not many people are brave enough to get near them, let alone to come close a severely injured crocodile. One wrong move and you could risk your life to death!

However, we still have to remember that they have feelings too, just like what Pocho the crocodile showed to Chito

Credit: Era Baru

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