Filipino student does not want to miss school so he brings his baby brother to his classes


Recently, a photo of a 9-year-old boy and his younger brother shared by his school teacher went viral on social medias. The photo is not just an ordinary photo of siblings, instead it shows a strong bond between two brothers and the 9-year-old boy’s willingness to not skip school even when he has to take his baby brother with him to the class.

The photo was shared on Facebook by his teacher, Shyla Mie Brillantes Blasico whom is a teacher at Mateo’s school, J. Blanco Elementary School. The school is located at South Cotabato province, Mindanao and Mateo is a fifth-grade student at the school.

Mateo cradle his baby brother on his lap while he takes note in his class

Miss Blasico said that Mateo’s mother passed away last year due to complications from an ectopic pregnancy, leaving Mateo with his older brother, younger brother and their father. Mateo’s father struggles to make ends meet and he works as a carpenter in another town, Surallah so he could only hope that his children able to rely on themselves to take care of themselves when he is away from home.

Mateo and his brothers live in this house 

Since there is no one at home to look after his baby brother and he does not want to miss class, Mateo decided to bring him to the school. Luckily, the school and the teachers understand Mateo’s struggling situation and allow him to bring his baby brother to his classes. Sometimes, Mateo’s older brother takes turn to bring their younger brother to his classes.

Mateo covers his baby brother from the sun while he is napping next to him

The three siblings are fortunate that they are able to get free lunch in school including their baby brother. The free lunch is a part of a feeding program sponsored by the Department of Education

However, the poor siblings have to cook by themselves when they get home after school. Usually, Mateo’s older brother is the one who prepares food for them.

Since the photo of Mateo and his younger brother goes viral, a lot of people have offered money for them but Shyla has to decline their offer as they might be accused of taking advantage of Mateo and his siblings.

Instead she asks the public to donate goods like school supplies and food to Mateo and his siblings

What do you think of Mateo and his brothers? Mateo’s willingness and perseverance to not skip school is admirable and praiseworthy. He also does not forget his responsibility towards his baby brother. We hope this will make Mateo to study hard in school and we wish Mateo and his brothers all the best in the future.

Photo credits: Shyla Mie Brillantes Blasico


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