Meet Kina Shen, an Instragram superstar with real doll-like face


Years ago, the world was surprised with Valeria Lukyanova, a model from Ukraine who undergoes multiple plastic surgeries to look similar like Barbie.

However, Valeria is not the only one who dreams to have a figure like Barbie. There is a young lady in China who is popular for her doll-like appearance too, Kina Shen.

Shen is a young aspiring model from Shenzhen, China who is really popular on her Instagram. Her Instagram profile has amassed over 480,000 followers so far.

You have to see her unbelievable photos by yourself!

Scroll down for photos

She became famous due to her beautiful doll-like face 

Now, Kina Shen became an internet sensation with more than half a million followers on Instagram

Many women must have wished to look like her 

But only a few people managed to copy her

Shen is really grateful for being blessed with such perfect face and figure

Her skin is so flawless and fair!

She is also a talented makeup artist

Even the popular game, The Sims created a character who looks just like Kina Shen

Even though she has hundreds of thousands of fans, there are some people who don’t believe that she is a real human and some even criticise her look.

However, Kina Shen does not care those who are sceptical of her. She choose to ignore negative comments about her appearance

Whether you believe it or not, Kina Shen is a real person

Shen sometimes uploads her makeup tutorial videos on social media and her favourite makeup is Gothic look

This is her face when she does not wear any makeup at all

Kina Shen once told her fans that she sometimes think that she looks like a man

This is her when she just recovered from cold

Some even argued that she is not Chinese but Kina Shen replied that she is a pure Chinese.

She states that her impressive makeup skills have helped her to transform into a doll.

Watch her makeup tutorial here and see this real-life Barbie for yourself! 


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