Dog behaved strangely during a fishing outing so its owner quickly jumped into action after he found out the reason


Leia, a 2-year-old hound followed its owner, Rich Wilcock, for a fishing outing. When they came to their fishing site, it suddenly displayed some strange behaviour and the reason was….

Rich told medias that, “I stood here trying to get a few good shots of the beautiful scenery and then I noticed Leia started to show some strange behaviour…”

Surprisingly, Leia discovered a baby dolphin stranded on the beach!

Leia did not stop barking at Rich to follow her.

She must have picked up the smell of the stranded baby dolphin!

“At first, I thought it was a baby shark as it was around 45 cm long. I noticed that it has a hole on its head and it must be its nostrils. Then, I remembered sharks do not have nostrils on its head so it must be a baby dolphin.” said Rich

“This is quite a secluded spot and I might not get any help to move this baby dolphin back to sea. So I have to do my best to rescue this baby dolphin back to sea.” he said.

Rich then wrapped his hands around the baby dolphin’s belly and lifted it slightly.

Luckily, with the help of the waves, Rich managed to return it back to the sea

The baby dolphin would need to swim harder to search for its parents as who knows how long it had been stranded at the beach. It would need even greater efforts to look for its way home.

Looks like Rich succeeded in releasing the stranded dolphin back to sea but it seems the baby dolphin’s predicament did not end after it was released back to sea.

“I never thought it was going to swim back out to sea but it took a sudden turn and started swimming back to me! Why is it doing so?”

Rich was puzzled to see the baby dolphin coming back to him just after that

It was confused and after swimming in circles for a few times, the baby dolphin finally found the right route. Once again, it turned and swam out to sea! Just looking at it swimming back to safety and towards home really made Rich happy!

Rich felt responsible to save the baby dolphin’s life. Even after the dolphin found its way back home, Rich stood at the beach to make sure the baby dolphin did not get lost again. “I did not leave the beach immediately. I waited for an hour to observe just in case the baby dolphin circled back like it before that. I wanted to make sure that it was back out to safety in the ocean.”

It must feel really amazing to be able to save a little life!

Rich and his dog are really kind-hearted as they even waited for an hour just to make sure that the baby dolphin got back to the ocean safely before they left the beach! We hope that the baby dolphin was now on its way to reunite with its family in the sea and never get lost again.

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