Little girl becomes internet sensation after netizens edited her photo when she was terrified and running away from a peacock


Recently, a photo of a scared little girl running away from an angry peacock has gone viral on the Internet. The little girl, Eva, followed her mother to a zoo in Northern California. Eva was curious when she saw a peacock fanned out its feathers. She stood in front of the peacock and the very next second, the peacock got angry and started to chase after her.

Poor little Eva got a fright and started to run. Her mother who witnessed the whole situation stood on a side laughing and took a picture of the hilarious moment and uploaded it on social medias.

▼ Original picture

Netizens could not contain their laughter after seeing little Eva’s reaction.

▼ Her photo has inspired some creative netizens to turn it into an absolute comical series of photoshopped images of Eva in popular scenes from Hollywood movies and with famous athletes like Usain Bolt!

▼ Little Eva became a warrior in the movie series Game of Thrones as she is seen running with a huge sword in her hands

▼ Running away from a T-rex in Jurassic Park movie. It looks so real!

▼ Another little super hero in the movie Avengers

▼ She is even qualified to run in the Olympics!

▼ But Jack, I do not want to fly!

▼ Wait for me!

▼ 2016 French European Cup: England vs Iceland

Eva running from an explosion in a scene from Star Wars

Eva running away from a house fire

▼ Oh, she is leading a marathon!

One netizen replaced the angry peacock with an image of Prince Charles creeping up behind crying Eva

Eva joined by famous movie characters like Forrest Gump and Jack Sparrow!

The humorous incident takes a different turn when it becomes an horror movie poster

This time, they swapped places with Eva chasing after the surprised peacock

The internet has once again surprised us with these creative and hilarious images. We hope Eva too enjoys her brief appearance as cameo in these famous movie scenes and companies from popular figures! What do you think of these extremely funny photoshopped photos of Eva?


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