This street cat only takes food from strangers in a package and the reason is heart-warming


A street cat named Dong-Sook has recently adopted a very peculiar habit that has left everyone puzzled.

She only takes food given by strangers which is in a package or a plastic bag. We are not kidding, she will not eat the food served by people on the spot but only take it away with her to somewhere.

Dong-Sook was seen carrying the food to a secret place.

Many people were confused and puzzled by the cat’s behavior until someone discovered the truth and recorded it in a video.

She only grabs food in the plastic

Apparently she had a baby kitten to look after in a loft nearby. She has been taking care of her kitten by providing food that she finds and receives from the streets.

According to the neighbors, Dong-Sook gave birth to five kittens however only one survived.

It is surprising to see such a devoted mother cat where she prioritize the kitten before herself


This brings us the answer to the question of why she wanted to ‘take away’ only.

Fortunately, Dong-Sook was rescued by locals recently and now has a much more comfortable home.

Surely she is an awesome mother!

Watch Dong-Sook’s heart-warming behavior in the video below.

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