15 mind-blowing street arts can transform our ordinary world into creative canvas


There are many ways artists can use to create their masterpieces. Some prefer to paint on canvas, sketch on a drawing block and some project their creativity on public property. This kind of art form is called street art where visual art is created outside conventional art venues or platforms.

For the last decade, street art has taken the world by storm as they do not just show the artistic side of the local residents, they also adds a unique and humorous touch to public properties. Just look at the street art photos below!

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#1 This ‘no entry’ sign is transformed into another reminder to the public; no open flame

Credit: CLET

#2 What a creative visual! This pedestrian sidewalk shows a man smoking a tobacco pipe

Credit: oakoak

#3 These anime figures fight so hard it damages a street pole!

Credit: Twitter | little-people.blogspot.com | Tumblr

#4 If you are brave enough to get into a fight with this furious coat hook, try hang your coat on it

Credit: Imgur

#5 Oh no! Now we know how Spongebob Squarepants died

Credits: Twitter | @RealBrianCarr

#6 Don’t be sad, love. I’m right here for you

Credit: Imgur

#7 Perfect recreation of Final Destination’s horrific ending

Credit: Imgur

#8 Incredible! Two large pipes are transformed into heart vessels

Credit: Lonac

#9 You will never be as strong as Popeye if you are not willing to eat this much of spinach

Credit: semi.ok

#10 Gorgeous artwork of a flower girl

Credit: semi.ok

#11 This chipped paint wall makes a great background for a mysterious portrait

#12 Keep your eyes straight or you might accidentally bump into the painting

Credit: Phillip Adams

#13 Who knew rain forest could be surrounded with bricks. This could be the smallest rain forest in the world!

Credit: Vanessa Rosanna Merino

#14 Imagine going to the town and you see this impressive painting on a wall

#15 This man looks trying his best to win his wife’s heart after getting locked outside

Credit: Levalet

Aren’t these artworks look great and unique? These artists must be extremely talented and creative to be able to transform ordinary objects and building into amazing artworks!

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