Wife was shocked to find her husband sleeping with his mouth covered with sellotapes. Later, the truth about him was uncovered


Trust and tolerance are essential for a happy and long-lasting marriage. Everyone has their own flaws and to keep a marriage strong, we must be able to tolerate with our partner’s imperfection and learn to improve ourselves at the same time.

One of the perfect examples of tolerance in marriage can be seen in this story shared by a son about his parents that managed to touch netizens’ hearts. Here is the story.

“My father has always worked hard to support our family. His job is tough and requires so much energy. By the time, he gets home and goes to sleep, he always snores.”

“This makes my mother irritated with my father’s loud snoring. She can’t sleep well if she sleeps in the same room with my snoring father so my father has to sleep in our living room.”

“However, today, my mother goes inside her bedroom and found a shocking visual of my father. Apparently, my father sleeps with his mouth covered with sellotapes!”

Credit: Penang My Hometown

It turns out my father realises that his loud snoring bothers my mother and as he wants to sleep in the same room with my mother, he covers his mouth with sellotapes so that he won’t snore.”

“My mother is both surprised and touched with my father’s action. She quickly removes the sellotapes from my father’s mouth. This is love.”

Credit: Penang My Hometown

The son’s heartwarming story touches many netizens’ hearts, especially those couple who are in the same situation.

One comment said that, “My husband also snores loudly but I never complained about it. I understood he becomes like that because he has been working so hard for our family. He is a good husband and a father to our daughter. He always makes time to bring our daughter to the park in his free time. As long as our family is happy, nothing else matters.”

Don’t you think what a lovely and an understanding husband the man is? He choose to sacrifice himself for his wife’s comfort although his snoring is obviously out of his control. We hope that your partner is as thoughtful as he is and don’t forget to do the same for your partner too!


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