The beautiful women of this ethnic group in China can easily defeat any beauty pageant contestants


For those who love to travel, Tashkurgan town which is located far away in Xinjiang, China is a must-visit place! Forget the hustle and bustle of city life, you will be amazed with amazing views of glacial valley and mountains covered in snow in Tashkurgan.

Apart from its breathtaking nature, this beautiful and historical town is also a melting pot of culture and race. There are many ethnic minorities living in Tashkurgan and one of the major ethnic groups is Tajik. Tajik people are known for their extremely fair skin and beautiful eyes.

Tajik women can easily defeat any beauty pageant contestants with their gorgeous pair of eyes, high nose bridge and soft skin.

They are really beautiful and you will have a hard time to turn your head away from them once you set your eyes on Tajik women

They are said to have big eyes and sharp nose.

Young women of Tajik ethnic are also said to be very gentle and well-mannered

 A photo of a young Tajik women wearing a traditional head piece and costume

Their beautiful features are also extended to their men. Tajik men are popular for their beautiful light brown eyes and they are good at dancing and singing.

Young Tajik children are also adorable with their sparkling eyes

Living far away from the modern life in China’s capital city, they are content with their modest life.

Tajik people are also very friendly and you will be welcomed if you wanted to visit their place

In Tajik’s culture, guests are always more than welcome to come and must be treated with the best treatment

Furthermore, Tashkurgan is a peaceful town although you will certainly see soldiers marching to their barracks as the town is technically a border town, neighbouring with four other countries; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan

So, why not travel to Tashkurgan for your next holiday trip? We are sure that this town will give you a memorable experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life!


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