A grandmother lost her engagement ring in a family garden. 13 years later, she found the ring in the most unexpected place


The first time Mary Grams realised her engagement ring was missing, she knew that she must had dropped it somewhere in her family garden.

Afraid that her husband might be disappointed with her careless act, she went to search for the precious ring in the garden, sifting and scouring the soil in hope for a glimpse of her ring

However, she failed to find it after several days of searching for it. Mary gave up and bought a ring and prayed that her husband did not notice the replacement ring.

13 years later, Mary’s daughter-in-law, Colleen went to the garden to pick some fresh vegetables for dinner. As Colleen washed the carrots, she noticed that one carrot looked unbelievably strange.

Colleen was surprised to find out that it was a ring that got stuck with the carrot!

Her husband, Brian said that her wife later asked her about the ring, “Do you know anything about this?”

Brian remembered that her mother, Mary had lost her engagement in the garden so he replied, “I think I do. Mom lost (a ring) quite a few years ago.”

It turned out the ring was indeed Mary’s!

The funny thing was Mary’s husband never noticed about the ring Mary wore after she lost the real one was a replacement. Mary wore the replacement ring for 8 years before her husband passed away in 2012.

It is amazing for her husband’s oblivion since both rings do not look the same!

The original engagement ring was given by her husband in 1951.

“I didn’t tell him because I thought for sure he’d give me heck or something,” Mary said

Watch the video below to see how she discovered her lost ring. Even Mary was amused with how lucky she was to be able to see the ring again!


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