[Video] This lady surprised her customers when she did an impressive move to save a cup from falling on the floor


A quick act from a female worker in a restaurant when she tried to save a cup from falling on the floor really looks like a professional move from Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in an intense football match.

The incident had surprised the customers who happened to see her spontaneous act. Her act even got caught on the restaurant’s CCTV.

The video begins with the lady tiptoed on her toes to reach a couple of cups on the top shelf

Suddenly one of the cups accidentally escaped from her hands so she tried to dodge it with her elbow

Unknowingly, her left foot kicked the cup

And the cup went straight into a sink!

Her impulsive kick surprised everyone who saw the scene; the customers who were sitting at the bar, her fellow co-worker and even herself 

Thanks to the cup, it looks like the lady discovered a hidden talent!

If you cannot believe it, watch the video below to see her impressive kick to save the cup.


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