12 photos that prove lazy people have the most creative ideas


Bill Gates once quoted “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” He could not be more right as now, there are proofs that lazy people have the most creative ideas and solutions to a problem

Just look at the photos below. Do you think they are creative or just pure lazy?

#1 He seems to have a solid excuse; both of his hands are full!

#2 No chair, no problem

#3 When you bought a chair but to lazy to assemble it so you just sat on the box

#4 The driver may have thought that the snow would melt away eventually

#5 Don’t you hate when something gets in your way? Well, this worker could not be bothered to move the rock so he just painted over it

#6 Now, you will no longer run out of toilet paper 

#7 Packing string lights can sometimes be a nuisance. Now, just pull the plug and put it into a box

#8 The man might be too tired to cycle…so we thought

#9 One of many perks of being a woman

#10 No excuses. This man is obviously too lazy to get up

#11 We bet this man will not get out of his bed very soon. He could just lie there 24/7!

#12 Why buy a new table when all you need is just a few strings and a hanger to make a new table


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