15 Real photos that are not edited through photoshop


Sometimes, we forget how stunning and amazing the Earth is. There are hundreds of scenic and breathtaking miracles that are happening around us. All we need to do is just to take a moment to observe and enjoy the beauty of our surrounding.

#1 This incredible image of a solar eclipse was taken at Canyon de Chelley, Arizona

Credit: Michael D. Menefee

#2 This dreamy view was captured at Altai Mountains after a snowfall

Credit: Olga Skutina

#3 A rare view of a commercial airplane blasting a contrail of rainbows out of its engines. This phenomenon is known as cloud iridescence which is caused by a perfect convergence of water vapour and sunlight

Credit: Yutaka Kagaya

#4 Looks like the inside of a fancy apartment but it is actually the inside of a guitar

Credit: simonbook

#5  An amazing view of the shining peak of Mount Hood, Oregon

Credit: Jim Pankey

#6 Just the usual morning routine for the armies at Heilongjiang, China

Credit: widelec

#7 An image of a lightning strike against the purple sky at Novorossisyk

Credit: Egor Nikiforov

#8 A ground view of a metropolitan city

Credit: reddit

#9 Fly me to the moon

Credit: Sebastien Lebrigand/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock

#10 Incredible view of a thunderstorm

Credit: lomych

#11 The road that stopped a wildfire

Credit: © Evgeniy Green

#12 Mind blowing reflection of a sky that looks like a portal to another world

Credit: Andrey Mikhailov

#13 An image of a thunderstorm taken at 11,000 feet above sea level

Credit: Santiago Borja

#14 Wonderful image of stunning architecture with rainbows as background

Credit: Ivan Turukhano

#15 Perfect military parade by Chinese soldiers 

Credit: Feng Li / Getty Images

What do you think of these images? All of them are incredibly amazing and stunning, right?If you like these photos, why not share them with your friends and family so they too, can appreciate the beauty of our planet.


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