Mom of triplets became pregnant again—but when they see the ultrasound, they’re blown away


These parents miraculously had triplets even though the mother had been unable to conceive for years. That was seven years ago. So, they were shocked when they learned they were expecting once again! But when both the doctors and parents saw the ultrasound scan, they could hardly believe their eyes!

Courtney and Philip Garrett of New Orleans had always hoped to have children ever since they tied the knot. However, things didn’t work out as smoothly as they had hoped. They tried conceiving for years on their own but to no avail.

“It’s just very hard to hear that you may not be able to get to have children,” Courtney told WWL-TV

The couple then opted for artificial “in vitro” fertilization (IVF), and at last, Courtney became pregnant for the first time, not with one child, but with three. Triplets, Oliver, Jack, and Ellie, were soon born into the world after years of infertility.

Seven years later, the couple hoped to bring one more child into the world but got another huge shock when an ultrasound revealed they would be having triplets again! “I said, ‘How did this happen?’” Courtney had exclaimed.

The ultrasound baffled the doctor and left the parents speechless

As it turned out, Courtney somehow became pregnant both artificially and naturally in the same month. While the couple had transferred two eggs via IVF, one of the eggs split, resulting in one set of identical twins. Courtney’s own egg had also been naturally fertilized, producing a fraternal sister during the same month.

“We were just ecstatic. Ecstatic!” Courtney said. “I didn’t think that was possible and I was like, ‘okay.’”

The amazing news was revealed to the Garretts’ three kids on their seventh birthday. “Does anyone have any idea what the surprise is?” asked Courtney.

The kids guessed “a dog” or an “Xbox game.” When they learned she was having triplet girls, they cried, “Noooooo!”

However, eight months later, when Oliver, Jack, and Ellie met their baby sisters, Wells, Vivienne, and Georgie, their hearts melted. Each of the older brothers and sister were assigned a baby sister to watch over.

With the addition of three more kids, the Garretts would have to find a bigger house

Credit: ©Facebook | Philip a garrett

Hence, dad Philip Garrett advertised the sale of his house on Facebook with a message, “Never thought I would have to move but I rolled a hard six”

The Garretts couldn’t have kids, but now they have six. This bizarre miracle is certainly a blessing to the family. Wishing the family a happy and joyful life ahead!

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