This ‘old’ and tired female security guard turns into a gorgeous and elegant woman after a simple makeover


This lady’s makeover has surprised the public with her transformation that makes her look like a celebrity! Before the makeover takes place, this female security guard obviously looks tired. Her skin is dull and she looks like a woman in her 40s. However, she is actually just 26 years old. Meet Snow, the security guard whose job requires her to work under the sun. This has caused her to look way older than her age.

Polluted air and sun rays have caused her skin to age prematurely.

Since she does not wear any makeups when she is at work, her eye bags and tired face can be clearly seen

Since she has worked for a few years now, her skin turns into darker shade and her eyes are obviously tired and puffy.

Unlike woman her age, Snow does not have youthful look

Luckily, she receives a call from a famous makeup artist and stylist, Pan Pan who is interested in transforming Snow into a beautiful young woman.

Snow’s makeover is a part of a makeover reality TV show which features Pan Pan giving chosen women a lifetime chance to change their looks

This makeover does not need any help from plastic surgery procedures at all!

It all depends on Pan Pan’s expertise to transform Snow’s look

In this makeover, Pan Pan will use her makeup talent. All she needs is just makeup tools and basic makeup techniques.

At first, Snow’s eyebrow is trimmed and shaped.

Then, Pan Pan put moisturiser, primer, concealer, foundation on Snow’s face

After Pan Pan sets Snow’s skin tone and does her eyebrows, she moves on to apply eye shadow on Snow’s eyelids.

Then, she finishes her touch with light touch of blusher on her cheeks, mascara and lipstick

A couple of touches later, Snow is given a few elegant dresses to match with her new face.

Just look at her transformation below!

The makeover has completely changed Snow’s tired and dull look into elegant and beautiful.

This is Snow after the makeover

What an amazing transformation, right? Snow is definitely a gorgeous woman whose beauty is hidden underneath her work uniform. She looks really beautiful when she dresses up and put on minimal makeup on her face.

Watch Snow’s full makeover here and see how she transforms into a beauty queen with just a few makeup touches!


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