Your choice of the happiest couple will reveal the truth about your romantic relationship


Have you ever heard of haptics? It is a type of non-verbal communications through touching like handshakes, holding hands, kissing, and high fives. Social psychologists claim that every haptic form conveys its own meaning so there is a lot can be say about a couple just by observing how they act around each other. Does it sound hard to believe?

Why not choose any of the couples below that you think is the most happiest and we will reveal to you the truth behind your relationship with your partner!


If you choose Couple A, it really shows that the female is obviously proud with her partner and she is so in love with him that she wants the world to know about it. Even though she may look soft on the outside, she is independent and knows what she wants. On the other side, the male is committed to the relationship and he would do anything to make the relationship work out. Your relationship mantra is always be open to each other.


Behind every great man, there is a great woman. This saying already reveals everything abut your relationship. The female partner is always there for her man and she pays attention to every little detail in their relationship. This tremendously helps the male partner to succeed and focus in his work.


In this relationship, the male partner is always the one who decides on everything. Even though he is a responsible partner, he can be quick to lose his temper. Luckily, the female partner is a very gentle and an understanding partner. The male partner can rely on his partner to calm his down when things get out of control. Your relationship slogan is the man holds, the woman stabilise.


A very intimate hug and hands around the waist just reveal that the male partner wants to protect his partner from any troubles and provides support to her in everything she does. What is impressive in your relationship is how open you are to each other. Your love is unconditional and that is the foundation of your relationship.


Both of you takes care of each other should anything happens to any of you. You are happy to just spend time with each other be it walking in a park or watching TV at home. Just looking at each other brings happiness and keeps the sparks alive.


You are not fond of PDA – Public Displays of Affection but both of you respect each other’s taste in music, fashion, food and interests. You may not show much on social media but both of you feels the love and like to keep the romantic things in your own private space.


You have billions of photos of your partner in your phone gallery. Your way of expressing love is by expressing directly how you feel to your partner and you do not mind of displaying some affection in the public. All of your friends think that you are the most romantic couple in your circle. Plus, both of you share many interests so you love to spend time together.


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