[Video] These 3-year-old triplets become best friends with their garbage collectors


Unlike most toddlers, these triplets, Heaton, Holder and Wilder Reich cannot wait for Garbage Day. Every Tuesday and Friday, garbage collectors like Mr. Chad, Mr. Rob and Mr. Andrew come to their home in Florida to collect garbage, these adorable triplets will run out with joy and a drink or a snack in their tiny hands for the garbage collectors.

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This very unique friendship started when the triplets were only a few months old

They would wave their hands to the workers and the workers would beep and horn and wave to the toddlers.

Since their first meeting, they formed a very close relationship

These toddlers quickly bond with the garbage collectors over the years

Now, they have completely become BFF with the garbage collectors!

Doughnuts for the hardworking garbage uncles

Every time Mr. Chad, Mr. Rob and Mr. Andrew come to the triplet’s home, they will spent 10-15 minutes playing and catching up with each other! What a cute sight!

Every Tuesday and Friday, the triplets wait excitedly for the collectors to come

And they will play, fist bump, and give each other a high five

Look at them waving very eagerly to the workers!

They share a hug every time they see each other

Playing together

Catching up with each other

Sometimes, the triplets will even help the workers to collect garbage

Watch their friendship blossoming over the years and more footage of these cute triplets here!

We definitely cannot get enough of these photos! What an adorable and heartwarming sight! Apart from the friendship, we think that it is good that these triplets have developed an awareness of keeping the environment clean. It is always good to start teaching your children from a very young age about this. We also hope they remain BFF for as long as they live.


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