Want to save on your wedding day? Try out this cool DIY flower decoration using tissues!


Weddings are meant to be a grand affair to celebrate the union of not only two people but two families. It is a time where spouses-to-be splurge on trying to make their wedding day absolutely flawless. However, these are tough times where young couples have a multitude of other monetary commitments and they simply cannot afford to spend their hard earned savings on a single day. Though this is true and couples are trying to spend less on their big day, they do not have to compromise on quality.

Siti Hajar Sufian demonstrates how to make simple yet elegant decor using tissues! Not only is this DIY extremely cost-effective, they are also quick to do and look absolutely  stunning.

All the supplies needed are as follow:

A box of tissues (preferably 3 ply)


A Needle and some thread

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make these simple and delicate decorations for any special occasion. 

Step 1

Take out 3 layers of tissue and lay them one on top of the other which should then give you a total of 9 layers.

(If the tissue pieces you have are square, cut a few centimeters off one side to make it a rectangle. The flowers will not puff out as much if you used square pieces of tissue)

Credits: Siti Hajar Sufian

Step 2

Fold the tissue pieces as if you were to make a paper fan.

(Begin with small sizes at first)

Step 3

Take your needle and thread and secure the middle of the tissue you have just folded.

Credits: Siti Hajar Sufian

Step 4

Cut a U-shape on both ends of the tissue as shown in the picture below. This is to round out the edges to give your flowers a softer look.

Credits: Siti Hajar Sufian

Step 5

Gently pull apart the layers of the tissue. It is crucial to do this carefully as the petals are easily torn at this stage.

Credits: Siti Hajar Sufian

And this is the final product!

These intricate and beautiful tissue flowers are ready to be used as decoration so let your creativity run wild

Credits: Siti Hajar Sufian
Credits: Siti Hajar Sufian


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