Girl in tears meeting newborn brother for the first time.Then she turns around—just breaks down


Throughout Valerie Reisner’s pregnancy, her young daughter, Kaydence, was a huge source of support—especially since her husband was overseas, serving as an airman in Afghanistan.

So when Kaydence got a chance to visit her mother in the hospital after staying with friends, she immediately rushed over to give her a hug

She didn’t even notice her newborn baby brother in the room!

Valerie didn’t tell her daughter that the baby had been born already.

She wanted it to be a surprise—and the reaction is precious

“Go rub his little cheek. He’s perfect,” her mother tells her.

“Go look at him”

Kaydence can’t stop crying, overwhelmed by the sight of her new brother.

“He’s so precious!”

But that wasn’t the only surprise.

If that wasn’t enough, her mother revealed, “there’s someone else you should meet.”

Kaydence turns around and sees who it is—and immediately runs to his arms.


Valerie’s husband, John, had unexpectedly made it home to see his son being born. Kaydence had no idea she would be seeing him so soon.

“John was still traveling home as I was being observed overnight,” Valerie explained to LittleThings.

“[Kaydence] had zero clue that not only would her baby brother be here the next day, but so would daddy”

It was an unforgettable moment for Kaydence—in one unexpected instant, she had a new brother and her father back

It was a family reunion for the ages.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Credit: NTD


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