Poor husband starves himself to feed his sick wife, who was bedridden after snake bite


This remarkable act of compassion and honor glorifies the ultimate image of genuine love. It’s a story of a man who, with profound dedication, cares so deeply for his wife, and places all her needs before his own.

Owing to an ill-fated accident, this Thai couple suffered a major setback in their married life. The wife was bitten by a snake that caused muscle atrophy, leaving her immobile and bedbound.

Not being able to move around, she has to stay at home in Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand. Yet, her loyal husband continues to love her as before.

“We previously vowed to walk this life together. My wife is the most important person in my life, and I will never abandon her,” said the man

Credit: ©Facebook | Polla Ongart

The wife can no longer work, and the husband cannot leave her alone to go out and earn some money

Credit: ©Facebook | กำนันไพศาล เกียรติชัยพัฒน

This leaves them struggling even for their daily meals.

But their kind neighbors have seen their plight, and do their best to help them in whatever little way they can

Credit: ©Facebook | กำนันไพศาล เกียรติชัยพัฒน

They put together and contribute 700 baht ($28.40) for their monthly food supply, but then, it is barely enough to feed them both.

Yet, her husband lovingly and tenderly feeds his wife with the contributions they receive, and later, he makes do with eating the leftovers

Credit: ©Facebook | Polla Ongart

Many people were moved by his story, and decided, that together, they would help the couple with their daily supplies.

Some, who live too far away and cannot physically visit them, send them money

Credit: ©Facebook | Ladda Treenantawan
Credit: ©Facebook | Ladda Treenantawan

“I may not have a beautiful house or car, but I have dedicated my heart and soul to my wife, and will never go back on my word,” the elderly husband said.

“I believe my wife’s body will slowly recover. In life, you must always have hope,” he added

Credit: ©Facebook | Polla Ongart

This elderly couple’s love and dedication towards each other is truly an inspiration for most of today’s generation, who often treat the precious bond of marriage lightly, and are ready to part ways at the slightest inconvenience or disagreement.

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