Touching moments between animals and humans that show small and sincere gestures are what we need to do more often for a better world


No one can deny that humans definitely have special bonds with animals and able to co-exist in the same place. We can live together, play together and some of us really became best friends with each other! This just shows how animals also have feelings like us and they want to love and be loved.

Just scroll down photos below and see the touching moments captured between animals and human world.

#1 First reaction when a mother dog saw her newborn puppy. She must be touched and proud that her owner helped her during her labour!

#2 The cosiest and safest place to catch a nap

#3 Different species? No trouble in paradise thanks to their kind owner who provides cushion for each of them

#4 Looks like someone found his new favourite pillow

#5 For the cat to sleep in peace, they are willing to sit somewhere else

#6 Too cute! When the little one try to teach her pet about swans

#7 What do you think the dog did that made the baby laughed so hard?

#8 When Donald Duck meet real ducks!

#9 He does not want to be left behind! It is his little baby too!

#10 The young boy is willing to share his umbrella with a ‘deer’ friend

#11 Just look at how happy the duck is knowing that it is meal time!

#12 Thanks to this unknown person, these cold chicks manage to warm their bodies by sticking to the hot cup

#13 No need of expensive jewelries or presents, small yet sincere gift is enough to make anyone happy

#14 “We are best friends forever, right mate?”

#15 Even though it is only a brief smile from Cristiano Ronaldo, they look super excited! Thank you Ronaldo!

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