This effective method to treat fever in children is popular among parents in German


2 years ago, a father brought his 1-year-old daughter who caught a flu to a doctor. The doctor then checked her daughter’s ears, nose, throat and chest for a standard procedure.

After the doctor was done, he told the father to bring her daughter back home. He only advised him to give her daughter some hot drinks and let her to fully rest in bed.

However, the father was surprised to see that the doctor did not prescribed any medicine for her daughter and he later asked for medicine from the doctor. The doctor then replied, “Check her in two more days. If there is no complications in two days, let her body to fight the virus since this can help to strengthen her immune system.”

The doctor was right.

His daughter then recovered from the flu without having the need to take any medications at all!

Interestingly, in German, paediatricians will provide free first aid lesson to parents. This lesson is about handling a sick child and to give them a proper first aid treatment before bringing them to doctor.

In the first aid lesson, parents are taught on how to handle multiple common infections like flu and fever. This is to reduce any probability for the infections to worsen while the parents take their child to a doctor and to avoid any new serious infections while waiting for their turn at the clinic.

In addition, this also could save huge medical resources from being used in situations in which they are not needed.

Furthermore, one of things taught in the first aid lesson is the ‘cooling tie method’

Let us find out this method!

Step 1:

Soak two towels in warm water. Squeeze the towels and spread them

Step 2:

Tie the towel around your child’s leg, one towel for each leg. Wait until 20 minutes and then dry your child’s leg with another dry towel

Repeat this method a few times until your child’s fever is reduced to a normal temperature.

This method is said to be popular among parents in German to treat cold and flu in children. The warm towels are comfortable for child and as the towels cool down, they slowly reduce the child’s fever, making it a common remedy for fever in the country.

So, the next time your child caught a fever, why not use this method. However, if your children are younger than 2 years old or the fever comes with other symptoms like vomiting and seizure, it is best to consult a doctor for further treatment.

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