A young mother entered a busy restaurant asking for a glass of water but her request was refused by a rude waiter. Later, something terrible happened that made the waiter regretted


One day, a young mother entered a fast food restaurant while carrying her toddler. She wanted to buy a drink for her child. To her disappointment, the restaurant only have carbonated drinks like Coke and Sprite which are not suitable for her young child.

The lady then looked around in the restaurant and found a water fountain. She figured that the water would be fine for her toddler to drink.

So, she approached a waiter and asked for a glass of water. The waiter then asked her, “Do you have a glass then?”

The young mother was stunned with the waiter’s question. She quickly apologised and said, “Sorry, I do not have a glass.”

Upon hearing the woman’s reply, the waiter refused to let the woman drink from the water fountain.

However, the woman replied, “Please, can I use the restaurant’s glass? I will pay for it.”

“My baby is really thirsty. Please,” she said.

The waiter then replied, “Why not you just buy one of the soft drinks?”

The young mother said that her child is too young to drink carbonated drinks and begged for a glass of water but the waiter then ignored her and moved away to serve other customer

Later that day, when the young mother was at home and joined by her neighbours for a chit-chat, she told her neighbours about the incident. Upon hearing how rude and inconsiderate the waiter was to the young mother, her neighbours were pissed off and vowed to not come to the restaurant anymore.

Coincidentally, one of her neighbours was a teacher at a high school which is nearby the fast food restaurant. Sadden by the rude service that the waiter gave to her neighbour, the teacher warned the students to not go to the restaurant to avoid being served by the rude waiter.

“I think that it is best for you to not frequent the fast food restaurant,” she said to her students.

The students who listened to their teacher’s story advised their friends about the fast food restaurant. “It is better for us to no longer go to the restaurant.”

The next day, the restaurant opened as usual.

Hours passed but it remained empty without its usual crowd. Unlike previous days, the restaurant would be crowded with customers, especially students from nearby high school. Now, there was no one in sight.

If there were customers, they would only choose for takeaways. It was rare to find dine-in customers and because of that the restaurant decided to do promotions to attract customers. Dine-in coupons and free gifts were some of the promotions but they were only able to attract customers for a short time. The restaurant quickly became empty as soon as promotions ended.

As time passed by, many new restaurants appeared. Now, the fast food restaurants faced many rivals from other new restaurants and cafes nearby it. Soon, the restaurant went bankrupt.

They never knew it all began with just a glass of water.

Even though it is hard to believe, you will get treated based on how you treat others. It is only a matter of time before one person’s act affects the whole society. It will never cost you to treat others with kindness and respect as what goes around, comes around. One day, you will find that all of your kindness will be repaid to you.


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