It may look like a hairless pig or a kangaroo but the veterinarian says that it is a rare treasure!


A woman found an ‘hairless monster’ while she was on her way home from work and it looked terrifying. Intrigued and amazed with the unknown creature, she picked it up and brought it to the veterinarian. As soon as the veterinarian saw it, she said, “This is  really rare! It is called ‘Aardvark’. Wow!”

Aardvarks are also called ‘ant bear’ or ‘ground pig’. They are related to elephants and manatees. They could grow up to a length of 1 to 1.5 meters and if you include their tail, they could reach up to 2.2 meters!

Aardvarks live mostly in caves and their main diet usually consists of ants and insects. They are very similar to anteaters. However, unlike anteaters which could be diurnal or nocturnal, aardvarks are nocturnal animals.

As the veterinarian diagnosed the ‘ground pig’, she found that it has contracted a skin disease.

It was unable to open its eyes so she quickly changed into her scrub and took the sick aardvark into the operation theatre to treat it

After treatment, with her surgical gloves still on, the veterinarian cuddled it like a baby. Then, she picked up a milk bottle and fed it to the ‘ground pig’.

Instinctively, the ‘ground pig’ quickly opened its mouth and the veterinarian fed it to the ‘ground pig’ like a mother feeding her baby with love and care

The veterinarian decided to adopt it and brought it home as the aardvark was picked up from a road side and had nowhere else to stay.

With the veterinarian careful medication, love and care, the aardvark recovered soon! Look at it, it looks like it is ready to go outside and explore the world

This aardvark would become excited and squirming to escape from the veterinarian’s hands whenever new animals are brought in to the clinic as it wanted to come down and play with the owner’s pet!

What a cute and unique this aardvark is! It may looks odd but give it a careful look, you will find it to be adorable!

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