After mother cat gave birth to babies, she felt exhausted but at the same time, father cat came over and a magical and touching incident happened!


“After looking at my pet cats, I began to believe in love again…..”

A netizen reared a lovely cat couple of a white cat and a grey cat. One day, the white cat got pregnant. Months later, she gave birth to cute baby kittens. Surprisingly, after white mother cat had given birth, grey father cat came over and gave mother cat a kiss.

The whole incident was so sweet!!

The netizen described that the grey father cat would let mother cat to eat first and sometimes he would go out and brought some toys back for mother cat to play. They are definitely a lovely duo.

Their eyes are full of affection and looking at them makes us all feel blessed

When father cat is around, he would jump into their litter and gently kiss mother cat and uses its tongue to carefully lick mother cat and his children. We could see that father cat is a thoughtful and responsible father.

Turns out, animals are capable of loving and being loved like us as well

Father cat is so gentle towards his family. Little kittens…. quickly grow up and be loving towards your parents!

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