Made in The Philippines: The Philippines became a top location for luxury brand, Coach, to produce their exclusive handbags


For many decades, high-end brands like Hermes, Coach, Prada and Chanel have enjoyed superior status in fashion world because of their high quality craftsmanship and exclusive designs. One of the popular luxury brands, New-York based, Coach, is especially popular due to its eccentric designs and excellent quality of its handbags

Founded in 1941 under the name Manhattan Leather Bags by Lillian and Miles Cahn, Coach quickly found its popularity around the globe.

But do you know that some of Coach handbags are actually produced in the Philippines?

Not many people are aware about this when TV personality Korina Sanchez posted a post about her visiting Coach’s factory in Pampaga

The factory is really large with around 11,000 workers are working daily to produce goods like handbags and accessories for Coach

When her post went viral on social medias, many netizens commented that there are many luxury brands that are made in the Philippines like one netizen said, “I used to work for a factory manufacturing undergarments for six months in Laguna Industrial Park. [They] produce Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Chanel and much more for export quality”

Apparently, the Philippines has become a favourite country for Coach to produce its luxury handbags as it was reported that Chinese firm, FCF Manufacturing which is a subsidiary of Fashion Focus was setting up a factory in Bataan. Fashion Focus is a major manufacturer and supplier of Coach bags for over 30 years.

Besides Bataan, there is another Coach factory located in Tarlac operated by D’Luxe Bag Philippines of the Luen Thai Group

Seems like the Philippines is one of the favourite places for high-end brands to produce their goods. It must have been for the workers’ quality handiwork that these brands decided to remain in the Philippines. Kudos the Philippines!

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