This adorable baby boy cries every time his mother reads the last page of his favourite story book and the reason is too hilarious!


For avid readers, there is nothing more sad than reading the last page of our favourite novels. After all those hours of flipping through the pages and getting absorbed with the story line, it finally comes down to the last page.

For this baby boy, he definitely understands how sad it is when his favourite story comes to an end. It is the saddest experience for him to read the last page of his favourite book.

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As he is too young to read, his mother read the story for him.

However, when his mother finished reading the story and said ‘The End’, this cute little baby boy started to burst into tears, crying for his mother to read the story again

As soon as the baby boy cried, the mother read the story all over again.

What is hilarious is when story finished, the boy burst into tears again while holding the story book 

Just look at his adorable reactions when his parents read the story for him and how mournful he looks when story ends! 

We hope you grow up to be smart, little man!

Watch his hilarious video here.

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