This cat species may be the most gorgeous and cutest cats in the entire world


Think you have seen the cutest cat in the world? Well, this baby caracals might beat everything that you think is most adorable! These magical creatures are actually a significant religious figure to ancient Egyptians and they appeared in many paintings as well as made into bronze figurines in ancient Egyptian communities. Their sculptures were also believed to guard the tombs of pharaohs.

Aren’t they the cutest cat ever? No wonder they hold a supreme status in ancient Egyptian world. Let’s look at their adorable photos!

Scroll down for photos.

#1 Baby caracal is considered the most beautiful species of wild cats 

#2 Caracals are said to live and are native in Africa, the Middle East and the India subcontinents. An adult caracal can easily weigh up to 18 kilograms and can run as fast as 50 miles per hour

#3 These extremely cute and exotic cats can be made as a domestic pet because they are tame and friendly, just like other domestic cat species. However, you might want to check the regulations of your country first before deciding to adopt these caracals as pets as it may be illegal to do so in some countries

#4 Caracals occupied a wide range of habitats ranging from semi-desert to open savanna and scruband to moist woodland but they tend to favour habitats that receive lower rainfall and drier woodland

#5 This species is very good at hunting especially birds. They can easily catch birds that fly low to the ground with their high leap

#6 Caracals are active during day and night except for late morning and midnight

#7 Isn’t this picture of baby caracal drinking milk lovely?

#8 These cats have a very striking physical appearance as they spot short, reddish-brown fur on their back and white fur on the throat, chin and belly

#9 Caracals are known for their unique ear tufts; long, slender and pointy

#10 Unlike other domestic cats, caracals are strictly carnivorous. Their diet mainly revolve around birds, rodents and small antelopes 

#11 They are also able to live as long as 12 years in the wild and 17 years under human care

After seeing their photos, do you agree with us that caracals are the cutest cats in the world? Their exotic look and charming features definitely can beat any cats!

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