8 hidden signs that show a person may be going through depression


Depression is a very serious mental illness that is becoming prevalent in more and more individuals today. Contrary to popular belief, depression is not the same as grief. A person feels grief usually because they have lost something or someone dear to them and this feeling will eventually lessen as time passes. Depression on the other hand is an overwhelming sense of emptiness and disinterest in life itself.

There aren’t very many glaring tell-take signs that show a person may be going through a depressive state. However, if you were to observe closely you can pick out certain behaviors that most people going through depression often portray. It is imperative that if a person shows these symptoms, they should be given the right mental care as soon as possible.

Here are 8 common and subtle signs that show a person may be going through depression.

8. Uncertainty

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They use abstract terms that are usually vague and they are also uncertain of themselves. Psychologists say that this is because they no longer think life is worth living and that their existence is pointless.

7. Make Excuses

[caption id="attachment_11421" align="alignnone" width="816"] Credit: Inspirasi Hari Ini [/caption]People who are depressed often use excuses to hide their true desires and feelings of sadness. For example, they will come up with stories on why they can not go to a friend's birthday or why they can not go out with their co-workers.


People will not give a second thought and for this reason individuals with depression can easily hide what they are going through. The people around them will not expect them to be experiencing any emotional disturbances.

6. Become less sensitive

[caption id="attachment_11422" align="alignnone" width="816"] Credit: © Magnolia Pictures © Warner Brothers[/caption]People in a state of depression interpret surrounding events and events that affect them differently. They lose interest and become more susceptible to other people's thought and opinions.