This Africa’s last remaining indigenous hunter-gatherer tribe has been around for 40,000 years but they are now in great danger of extinction


The Hadza people is one of the very few remaining true hunter-gatherers that still survive in these modern world. This unique indigenous tribe is said to have been around for the past 40,000 years and they remain to live like the way their ancestors lived.

This tribe can be found in north-central Tanzanian desert and they live in a small mobile camp.

A small camp only consists of around 30 people and they will move their camp to a new place when there is death, illness or conflict

As peculiar as they may sound, their unique features are not limited to their historical facts.

It also extends to their diet which is a combination of wild animals such as snake, baboon and even lion!

During the day and late at night, the Hadza men will go out hunting for wild game

When they go hunting, they will bring their bows and arrows which have been treated with poison in advance.

They also use leather for their arrows and they believe when they use more leather, the more animals they can kill

The men will go out hunting and they do not come back until they get to kill any animals to be brought home as food

What is more interesting, the men whom managed to bring home wild game will hold a very high status in his community as he is considered as a saviour

For the women, they will help to forage for tubers and berries by using sticks and knives

They will go forage for berries from the nearby bushes and sometimes gather small animals and eggs for the meal of the day

Generally, the tribe lives peacefully among themselves and often, children are raised through cooperative childcare from everyone in the tribe and it is not exclusive to the women.

Even though their main diet also includes fruits and tubers, this tribe has never been found to plant their own food sources.

They remain to hunt and forage for their food daily and move to another place if the area no longer provides abundant food sources

Besides their strong value of hunting and foraging, the Hadza people also do not use any electrical appliances and money as currency.

They still use barter system and offer wild game that they hunt when it comes to getting a valuable thing like slippers and clothing

In spite of their peaceful life, they actually face threats from the outside.

As of 2015, it is estimated that there is only 1,200 to 1,300 of Hadza people and their population is declining rapidly due to hostile contact from the neighbouring farmers and herders, tourism, safari hunting as well as their refusal to adapt to modern life

Furthermore, their means of communication is also unique as their language is one of the isolated languages in the world whereby only 1,000 people speak it.

As their language mainly consists of click sounds and limited syllable structure, their language sounds very unfamiliar and almost inhuman

The Hadza people may be one of the smallest and endangered tribes in the world but we truly hope that they can still survive for many decades to come as they are a big part of our world and are one of the tribes that gives a key hint of in the earliest human population on Earth

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