Arnie, a real-life Garfield who babysat lion cubs and their offspring is the most adorable zoo staff in the world


This super cute orange cat named Arnie was world famous for being a baby-sitter to newborn animals at Linton Zoo in Cambridgeshire. It first became a global star after its photo taking care of four newborn cubs made headlines around the world’s major news outlets.

Since 2000, Arnie adopted its role as a babysitter.

The cat which was named after Hollywood star, Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly became favourite among the zoo staffs who adored his nurturing and caring behaviour

Besides his main job as a babysitter, he also took part in entertaining the zoo guests, especially those who brought delicious snacks for him

He often seen comforting any animals that seemed to be distressed.

The zoo’s manager, Kim Simmons said, “He would climb into their baskets and snuggle up. There is nothing quite like a real, warm beating heart next to a young animal”

The staffs at the Linton Zoo acknowledged Arnie as a real-life Garfield for its huge contributions to the zoo and their animals

However, Arnie is no longer a babysitter at the zoo. In 2013, after 13 years of service, Arnie died.

The zoo posted a tribute for Arnie a few days after his death on their Facebook page. “On the morning of Wednesday 9th January, after completing his staff greetings and doing his usual morning rounds to see his zoo friends, purring all the way, Arnie, our ginger tom returned home for a spot of breakfast and then snuggled up on his bed and went to sleep.

“There he passed away peacefully.”

Kim Simmons also said that his death might be due to his arthritis in his rear legs and other age-related illness.

“He had a good and thorough life,” she added.

“He was outstanding in everything he did”

We hope for Arnie’s soul to rest in peace after years of raising newborns and for bringing joy and happiness to the zoo.

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