This artist used only colour pencils to draw 3D scenery! You will be mesmerised by his art works!


Art is a very intriguing skill and creating lifelike drawings can be a real challenge no matter how skilled the artist is. Yet, there is an extremely talented artist who is able to draw realistic three-dimensional drawings on a two-dimensional art paper!

Through the eyes of this artist, ordinary scenes of daily life are transformed into breathtaking art. Most of the time we would see arts drawn or painted with oil painting or water colour. However, Mr. Ryota Hayashi, a Japanese artist, proves his ultimate artistic skill  to everyone by creating real-life drawings by just using colour pencils.

His artworks are so exquisite and realistic that we might think they are taken by a camera!

▼ A street view drawing by Mr. Ryota Hayashi. It looks just like a picture

▼ Whether it is in Japan or overseas, Mr. Ryota Hayashi have been widely praised for his excellent work

▼ All his artworks are 100% drawn and coloured with colour pencils. How did he achieve such detailed art pieces with the sole help of colour pencils?

▼ Mr Ryota Hayashi loved to roam the streets. He would visit various places in Japan and draw various local scenery

▼ Even the foggy view is clearly expressed

▼ Water’s movement is also one of his forte. Doesn’t the water in the art piece look vivid?

▼ Mr Ryota Hayashi had organised quite a few personal exhibitions and even had published books on how to create artworks with colour pencils

▼ We believe that a lot of people would want to know how he could draw such beautiful art pieces

▼ His realistic art pieces which mainly depict serene surroundings make us all want to live in there

▼ Mr. Ryota Hayashi art works are exceptional and many people are mesmerised by his impressive work

▼ He is very skillful in using colour pencils in his artwork!

▼ He is also good at still life drawings

▼ This drawing of a camera looks very refined!

▼ Whether it is metal or glass, everything is well presented in his drawings!

▼ We could feel the charm of Japanese life from his drawings!

After looking at so many of Mr. Ryota Hayashi’s art pieces, which of his works you are most impressed with? Which theme or atmosphere is your favourite art piece?

Mr. Ryota Hayashi’s art works really subverted our imagination about colour pencils. While most of us never thought colour pencils could be used to create such lifelike drawings, he is already a few steps ahead. His interpretation of colour pencils art is in a different level!

If you are amazed with  Mr. Ryota Hayashi’s art works, let’s not forget to share it with our friends so they could admire Mr. Ryota Hayashi’s exceptional art works as well!


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