A doctor reveals that condensed milk contains more sugar than actual milk!


On December 14, a medical practitioner named Dr. Siti Juariah or better known as Dr. Jue, had shared an article which found that sweetened milk is very often used as part of many people’s daily diet. According to the article findings posted by Dr. Jue, sweetened condensed milk actually has a higher percentage of sugar than cow’s milk which is contrary to popular belief as a vast majority of people thought it was essentially cow’s milk with a little bit of added sugar.

Sweetened condensed milk is a product which is processed by adding sugar in large quantities to the milk. This is needed because sugar will act as a preservative and will ensure the milk will last for years. In addition to that, the high sugar content also causes microorganisms which can be found in the milk to die and thus serves to maintain the sterility of the product.

Most sweetened condensed milk products sold in the market actually contains palm oil which is used in substitute for cow’s milk and therefore most sweetened condensed milks out there do not contain milk at all

The actual sugar content that can be found in a sweetened condensed milk product is also reported to be an average of 45% while the fresh milk content is only about 10% or less

It is clear that we as consumers have been deceived by advertisements which claim that sweetened dairy products contain low fat, various vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin B and more calcium! These are just false statements to get consumers to buy the product.

Imagine the amount of sugar consumed by the population who uses sweetened milk on a daily basis. We not only use condensed milk as a beverage sweetener, we also use it to make cookies, cakes, various confectioneries and so on.

In fact, there are also some parents who mix sweetened condensed milk into their children’s drinks in lieu of powdered milk

A better option would be to use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk. Evaporated milk and condensed milk are similar canned milk products that have had water removed from them. The only difference is that one is sweetened and the other is not. You get the same milky flavor from evaporated milk and you can also add sugar to your liking and control the overall amount of sugar in your diet.

The World Health Organization recently recommended a sharp drop in the added sugar intake of a persons daily diet from 10 percent to only 5 percent. The reason for this is because too much sugar in a person’s diet can cause serious harm to their health. Eating too much sugar can really mess up your skin as study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests. There is a relationship between a high-sugar diet and the problem of acne both in adults and teenagers. Multiple studies also suggest a link between sugar intake and the risk of depression as having a high sugar intake would cause inflammation throughout the body and this is linked to higher chances of a person developing depression.

So do yourself a favor and cut down on your sugar intake today!

Source: Dr. Jue / Facebook


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